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We Create Insight Through Location Technology

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We Take Pride

We are a GIS and location technology company dedicated to the success and happiness of our clients and our people. As an employee-owned small business, our passion has led us through over 28 years of consulting and solving “where” problems for our clients.

We Are An E.S.O.P. Employee Owned Company


Employees Sharing Ownership Pride


Being part of an employee-owned company gives each and everyone one of us a sense of pride. With an actual stake in the success of the company, we are motivated/driven to succeed … and take immense pride in our work.

“One of my favorite things is to be able to say “my company” and mean it. To have a share in everything that GISinc represents is something I take incredible pride in.” 

– GISinc Employee

ESOP Company of the Year
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Our Core Ideology

Create Insight Through Location Technology


Values We Share

  • Being Intellectually Relentless
  • Candor and Openness
  • Respecting Others in our Pursuit for Excellence
  • Self-Initiative and Honoring Commitments
  • Working Passionately and Inspiring Others

Philosophies We Believe

  • An entrepreneurial spirit keeps us agile, relevant, and provides growth for us as owners and individuals.
  • Challenging ourselves and others helps us learn, solve problems, and improve.
  • Decisions and actions made with honesty and integrity create trust and will build an enduring, lasting company.
  • Loving what we do and having fun at work allows us to be better contributors.
  • Rewards come in many forms and are earned through individual and group contributions.
  • Service karma exists; by taking care of clients needs instead of our own, good things will happen.
The Company

Our People

Our people are passionate about what they do.

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Our Leadership

dale1 dale2

Dale Dunham

Chairman and Founder

Dale Dunham

Chairman and Founder

As Chairman and Founder, Dale's leadership role has evolved from direct technical management of projects and clients to a strategic focus on new technology, geospatial innovation, and nurturing our employee ownership culture.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, Dale founded GISinc in 1991 and grew it from the ground up into the employee-owned firm it is today. Prior to founding GISinc he was a true geo-geek, working as a consultant for Esri in California. As native Alabamian, who spoke fluent "Southern", he was the obvious choice to manage several strategic Esri projects including the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, and Bell South Services.

He holds an M.A. in Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles as well as B.A. in Community Planning and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Tasty Tidbit: He is a Natural Born Entrepreneur

"Looking back on my life I guess I was destined for entrepreneurship. Back in the 1960s my parents bought a franchise of Manpower Inc., a multinational human resources consulting firm based out of Milwaukee. So I grew up in a house where the dining room was really nothing more than just office space. Some of the early successes of my father's business were with Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama and Cape Canaveral in Cocoa Beach. One of the things that I learned from my father was how to welcome others into the ownership culture and that shared ownership leads to shared commitment and dedication to quality. The ownership culture is alive and well at GISinc and a huge reason we've had a lot of great things happen with our company. But it's kind of funny that my father, many years ago, asked me if I would join his company - and I turned him down, explaining that I would be 'bored' managing a company for the rest of my life. I can imagine him laughing at me now as I sit through our quarterly budget meetings, a little bored, but also incredibly grateful for the rewarding experience of starting a business and watching it grow."

judy1 judy2

Judy Reagan

President & Chief Operating Officer

Judy Reagan

President & Chief Operating Officer

As our Chief Operating Officer, Judy's efforts center on people and processes, with the ultimate goal of making GISinc the premier company to work for and with. On the Service side, Judy focuses on operational effectiveness and best practices across our business units; on the Culture side, it is all about growing our people and making GISinc that great place to work.

Judy holds a B.S. in Agriculture from Tennessee Technological University and a M.S. from North Carolina State University. She began working with GIS in the days of the mainframe. Although her career began in the environmental and engineering fields, she created a GIS role to support environmental and agricultural efforts and has focused on GIS ever since.

Judy's history with us includes work as a Technical Architect, Federal Business Operations Manager and Service Delivery Manager. She has a distinguished history of support to the Army IGI&S Program, Army Sustainable Range Program, and the Navy's GeoReadiness Program, performing tasks such as requirements analysis, application and data solution design, and project management support for enterprise GIS implementation.

Judy is active in her community as board member with the Truth or Consequences Center for the Arts and a volunteer with the Main Street Group.

Tasty Tidbit: Judy is an avid equestrian. A donkey equestrian that is.

"The donkey is by far the most intelligent of all the equine species and it takes a different mindset to work with them. I have been riding horses my whole life and the first time I rode a donkey I just fell in love. These guys will stand and look at a situation and determine whether or not to run, let things pass, or fight. They have an incredible capacity for reasoning and are driven by self-preservation. What that means is that a casual rider is extremely safe and can have a nice weekend ride. But to really be a donkey person, that is something else entirely."

dan1 dan2

Dan Levine

Geospatial Innovation Officer

Dan Levine

Geospatial Innovation Officer

As Geospatial Innovation Officer, Dan is responsible for helping set the corporate technology direction, managing the Research and Development program, and managing the technical components of our key partnerships with Esri, Microsoft, and IBM. He is also a General Manager with our federal business unit, responsible for the Military Range Program and Federal Civilian Programs. He believes that as GIS technology synchronizes with the rest of IT, it will eventually become totally integrated. Because of this and the consumerization of location technologies, he believes heavy GIS applications will give way to geo-enabled solutions and simple single function applications.

Dan's educational background includes many universities so we think it best to shorten the list to the ones that he actually earned a degree from: Indiana University, Miami (the one in Ohio), and Juniata College in Pennsylvania. Throughout his education he studied environmental sciences, focusing on aquatic systems. But somewhere along the way, and lucky for us, he became passionate about GIS.

Tasty Tidbit: Dan is a Maphead

"I was the kid riding in the passenger seat with a map in his lap just about anywhere we went; someone had to keep grandpa from getting lost. According to Ken Jennings, of Jeopardy fame, that makes me a Maphead. After reading his book, I looked back at my life and realized that almost every way I look at the world is through a spatial lens. Even during my environmental sciences education I always tended towards the large watershed and landscape scale phenomena where maps made things understandable. So it was a natural, perhaps even predetermined, that I would end up in a career with maps at its heart. I am still that kid in the front seat with the map in his hand. But now I am the one driving, the map is a mobile app, and it keeps me from getting lost."

kevin1 kevin2

Kevin Stewart

Senior Vice President of Sales

Kevin Stewart

Senior Vice President of Sales

Kevin discovered a passion for GIS technology and all it has to offer as a junior at Northwest Missouri State University, where he earned his Bachelor's of Science, minoring in Geology. He later went on to earn his Master's in Geography from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The rest, as they say, is history.

In January of 2000, Kevin came onboard here at GISinc as a GIS Analyst. Over the years he worked in several technical capacities until discovering that he enjoyed a more market-facing role working with our clients.

Today, as GISinc's Senior Vice President of Sales, Kevin believes his strong technical foundation helps him better serve our clients. His primary responsibilities include building and maintaining client relationships, matching GISinc's capabilities to clients' needs, and promoting GISinc's brand in the state and local government market.

Tasty Tidbit: Grilling + Backyard = Happy Place

"Give me a hot grill, a cold one, and a backyard and it's instant happiness. In today's digital world of hustle and bustle there is not a single better place to unwind than on the deck out back. I think the Kingsford charcoal commercials say it best: slow down and grill. Next time you see that commercial, picture me nodding "yes". In all seriousness, I truly believe the backyard is the place you go to get to know someone, share great stories, belly-busting laughs, and to leave the rest of the world inside."

Headshot_L Renfroe-1

Lea Renfroe

Vice President of Operations
Headshot_L Renfroe-1

Lea Renfroe

Vice President of Operations
Our History

Our Past, Present & Future

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.24.18 PM

GISinc Founded In Dale Dunham's Basement


G/I/S Gets A New Logo Just In Time For APA Conference


Move Out Of The Basement Into 1776 Building


Employee Ownership Begins


G/I/S Becomes The #1 Esri Reseller in the Charlotte Region And #2 In The Nation

G/I/S Begins Working On RMTK

G/I/S Becomes MS Certified

Establishment Of Board Governance
G/I/S Navy Presence In Norfolk, VA Expands To A Team

G/I/S Rebrands To GISi


First Company All Hands Meeting

Army IGI&S Support Team Stands Up

Named Esri Platinum Partner

GISi Named Best In Business Finalist 2nd Year In A Row
GISi ESOP Launched
Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.19.10 PM

GISi Breaks Into The Indoor Market

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.21.33 PM

GISi Establishes Acuity Partnership


GISi Rebrands To GISinc

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.22.24 PM

GISinc Celebrates their 25th Anniversay

GeoIoT Logo & Tag

Company Takes GeoIoT To Market


We Become A Platinum Partner With Cityworks. Making Us The Only Double Platinum Partner In The World


Our Envisioned Future

Be the Premier GIS Firm to Work for and With

We will change the way people see the world, not only in the work that we do, but in how we do it. We believe that when the right people with shared values and philosophies work together for the right reasons, something very special happens. All employee owners, clients, and partners will be personally invested and engaged in our shared work. This passion will ignite profound change as people experience the power of location technology to create clarity and connectedness, and will establish GISinc as the standard by which others are measured.

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