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Our data services are designed to ensure your data is architected to support your data dissemination tools – through web, desktop, mobile, or whatever it may be.

Data Services Offerings

  • Comprehensive Digitization – If your organization is using paper records for data, it may be time to evaluate moving to a more efficient digital format. Doing so will allow you to leverage many new workflow improvements and implement disaster recovery measures for your invaluable data assets.
  • Data Analysis – We can help you understand which data is necessary to facilitate your workflows and what combinations of data will best serve your decision makers in visualization or analysis. Let us build a roadmap that will provide you with the knowledge to secure the correct data for your next project.
  • Data Migration – Migrating your data enables you to capitalize on technology formats and even standardize data for integration with other systems. The advantages to this standardization can equate to a major increase in your organization’s overall efficiency. We have completed hundreds of geodatabase migrations for organizations ranging from single server and database instances, to enterprise implementations with thousands of data layers and users.
  • Data Optimization – A simple improvement to your data structure or tweaks to your backend database performance can help unlock the power of geo-enabled data. We can address performance bottlenecks and inefficiencies as well as bridge the gaps between IT and GIS professionals. Let us recommend data models, workflow enhancements, training, and tools that improve efficiency and reduce redundant work. We will help implement new systems, improve performance of existing systems, and make GIS an integral part of enterprise data management solutions.
  • Data Modeling – We help clients with techniques, development, and implementation of industry-standard data models.
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