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As a Geospatial IoT (GeoIoT™) Integrator, we’re combining the infinite capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) with our unmatched Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise to provide GeoIoT solutions. IoT adoption is now happening and rapidly expanding as organizations recognize the need for connectivity and the potential transformation of their operations. Because GeoIoT integration is new to most organizations, seeking help from internal resources can be a challenge.

GISinc, as your GeoIoT Integrator, will minimize the risk and the learning curve of integrating the solution components such as sensors, devices, platforms, data, back-end systems, and analytics. We can even help architect and build end-user applications that take full advantage of IoT technology to improve your core business.

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Industries Examples

Facility Management

Through a combination of IoT and an indoor positioning system (IPS), energy efficiency and low-cost location tracking for individuals and equipment are possible. IoT allows for the integration of smart devices and equipment that are able to communicate using a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Li-Fi network integrated into the indoor or outdoor LED lighting infrastructure.

Reports and analytics provide for situational awareness, showing information on:

  • Where and how long people dwell in a location or area
  • First-time and repeat visitors
  • How people move through indoor space
  • Areas they enter and leave
  • Movement and occupancy patterns over both time and space

Through the IoT/IPS combination, the number of solutions that support tracking occupancy, facility performance monitoring, and managing/controlling a facility environment are endless.


Improve efficiencies within your healthcare facilities with real-time IoT solutions for healthcare by gaining insight into:

  • Track patient location with real-time vitals
  • Locate personnel within your facilities for improved operations
  • Track necessary or expensive equipment in all of your facilities

Real Estate

How you own and manage real estate will be significantly impacted by the adoption of IoT. When you consider the equipment or devices found in buildings, the list is long. Energy management, lighting, HVAC, security, communications, parking, utility meters, water management are just some of the devices you can connect to in a building or portfolio. IoT allows your organization to operate buildings in the most cost-effective manner, save energy, manage resources, protect occupants, and simultaneously achieve more profit.


Indoor positioning technology helps retailers deliver a custom, mobile-enabled omni-channel shopping experience to their customers. Indoor positioning can also help retailers optimize how their occupants, both customers and employees, navigate large interior spaces. Some of the benefits of using indoor position technology include:

People Guided to Products

  • Precisely locating merchandise
  • Shopping lists and registries
  • Store brand conversions

Product Details Delivered to People

  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Add-on sales
  • Last item viewed on retailer’s website

People Connected to People

  • Assist the shopper
  • Minimize stock-outs
  • Attend to urgent store needs

Customer-centric Store

  • Optimize store layouts
  • Personalize merchandising
  • Improve store traffic

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