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Airports are at the forefront of global business technology innovation. Fast moving technology trends are disrupting the status quo and transforming global airport operations, services, and economics. Through location based technology, GISinc is providing insights into traveler behaviors while increasing operational efficiencies. GISinc is helping to provide positive traveler experiences while supporting growth in passenger and non-aeronautical revenue.

Airports embracing strategic technology trends will be positioned to exploit the changing airport business environment. The term “Smart Airport” is being used by business analysts to define the progressive airports of the future. GISinc is helping to define how location based technology can be apart of the foundational framework of a Smart Airport.

Airport Operation

Respond to Assistance Request

  • See request on a facility map showing exact location of request; and the closest wheelchair, indoor shuttle service, or security agent

Asset Tracking

  • Locate and navigate to airport equipment such as wheel chairs, lifts, custodian carts, shuttles, etc.


  • Send alerts to employee/contractor devices based on location in facility
  • Locate security personnel and status of weapon (holstered/drawn/fired)

Passenger Management

  • Queue services (Predict resources needed based on real-time passenger count)
  • Identify traffic patterns and space utilization
  • Increase non-aeronautical revenue (Increase spend with personalized offers and expediting passengers through check-in and security faster)

Non-Aeronautical Revenue

  • Increases an average passenger’s retail spend, through security time reduction
  • Increase consumer spend with personalized offers with push notification
  • Maximize tenant rent per square foot

Engaged Traveler


IoT Capabilities


Find Service

  • Quickly locate gates, shops, restaurants, restrooms, on-demand security, and information based on current location
  • Dynamic navigation features provide real-time ticket counter/security wait and estimated walk times

On Demand Assistance

  • Receive wheelchair assistance, indoor shuttle or security services in an exact location, using a mobile device

Smart Parking & Outdoor Security

  • Operational analytics
  • Video analytics
  • License plate recognition
  • Lighting optimization

You may view any or all of the webinars we produced with Esri to address the future of Smart Airports.

Each webinar will explore topics relevant to Airport Technology, Marketing, Operations, Security and Finance Executives, Airport Operations and Maintenance Managers as well as GIS Managers and staff.

Smart Airports

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